Oasis Fabrix is a supplier of custom-designed paper machine clothing, industrial belts and filter belts essential to the paper making, wood and non-woven industry, waste water treatment, sludge dewatering and tailing filtration for mining industry etc.

We have been providing whole range of paper machine clothing (PMC) products including forming fabrics, press felts, dryer fabrics and spiral fabrics for the production of all paper and board grades. We serve the wood & non-woven industry ...


Woven Press Filter Fabrics

Woven Press Filter Belts

Triple layer forming fabric

Triple Layer Forming Fabrics

2.5 layer forming fabric

2.5 Layer Forming Fabrics

Single layer forming fabrics

Single Layer Forming Fabrics

Woven dryer fabrics

Woven Dryer Fabrics

Spiral dryer fabrics

Spiral Dryer Fabrics

Triple layer BOM felt

Triple Layer BOM Felts

Double layer BOM felt

Double Layer BOM Felts

Single layer BOM felt

Single Layer BOM Felts

Belts for nonwoven industry

Belts For Non-woven Industry

Belt for wood industry

Belts For Wood Indsutry

Vacuum filter belt

Vacuum Filter Belts

Spiral dryer fabrics for belt press filter

Spiral Press Filter Belts

Desulfurization Fabrics

Desulfurization Belts