paper machine clothing oasis fabrixWe dedicate effort to develop more efficient paper machine clothing products for paper industry, filter fabrics for belt press and vacuum belt filters. We help our customers improve their performance and productivity by innovative forming fabrics, press felts, dryer fabrics woven and spiral, filter belts. Working as a reliable business partner who understands our customers' operations and expectations, we develop and deliver solutions and custom-designed fabrics to resolve their issues during the manufacture.

Paper Machine Clothing: Forming, Drying and Pressing

We have been supplying the pulp and paper industry with whole range of paper machine clothing (PMC) products including forming fabrics, press felts, dryer fabrics and spiral dryer fabrics for the manufacture of all paper and board grades. These paper machine fabrics and felts are produced with highly advanced equipment: looms with width of 12.5 meters, automated seaming machines, heat setting machines and edge treatment machines.

paper machine clothing oasis fabrix about usForming Fabric Designs

In order to customize the requirements of paper makers and achieve better sheet formation, the designs of paper making forming fabrics made of polyester monofilaments evolve from single layer to triple layer.

Single and 1.5 layer forming fabrics, Double and 2.5 layer forming fabrics, Triple layer forming fabrics and SSB fabrics

Dryer Fabric Designs

The dryer fabrics or screens used in paper making for the uni-run drying or multi-drying groups could be woven types or spiral types made of hydrolysis resistant materials.

Woven dryer fabrics made of round and flat mono-filaments woven in single, 1.5 and double layers with variable air permeability.
Spiral dryer fabrics made of round and flat mono-filaments with variable air permeability.

Paper Machine Press Felt Designs

Single and multi layer base mesh BOM press felts, Dryer felts, MG felts

filter belts oasis fabrixFilter Fabrics for Belt Press Filter & Vacuum Belt Filters

Filtration is the most widely used method in the treatment of sludge produced by wastewater treatment. The belts within belt filter press machine is one of the key parts of the belt filter press as it determines the actual output and thus the overall quality of the dewatering machine. We supply filter belts with woven and spiral types for rapid drainage and outstanding cake release.

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