Vacuum belt filter fabric
Vacuum Belt Filter Fabric
Vacuum belt filters are also known as horizontal belt filters.
Vacuum belt filters are different when it comes to the treatment of the sludge and the output pertaining to belt filter press.

Vacuum belt filters can process high volumes of sludge which means reduced operating costs compared to other filtration alternatives. However, this installation not just been used for separating solids from liquids, but foremost to obtain a output of cake with a high purity level. This installation washes the sludge within different stages on the wire mesh belt/filter cloth belt in order to obtain this pure cake. This cake has a low moisture level at the output of the vacuum belt filter and without the small polluting particles due to the washing. However, the purity and moisture level at the end of the vacuum belt filter is higher compared to the belt filter press. Another benefit is the low energy consumption level of the vacuum belt filter in terms of economies of scale but also in terms of absolute energy consumption.

So the belt filter press as well as the vacuum filter belt make use of the same synthetic wire mesh in order to filter sludge.