Technical Tips On Dryer Fabric web

The dryer fabrics or dryer screen or felt plays an important role in the dryer section.
The drying section is one of the most energy consuming parts of the paper machine. About 60% of energies are consumed in this section. Hence the function of dryer fabrics or screen absolutely vast. The dryer fabrics or felt have to some particular parameters such as air permeability, Aerodynamic Properties, Heat Transfer, Fabric Tension, Sheet Support, caliper etc.

All dryer fabric cloth are not suitable for all paper grades, such as 3-shed one layer and a half polyester dryer fabric are suitable for drying papers below 70g.
On the other hand, 4-shed double layer polyester dryer fabric is suitable for drying papers above 70g. Whatever the characters of dryer fabrics or screen are acid-proof, alkali-proof or high temperature resistance.

All Synthetic dryer screen (except SLDF type), Batt-on-mesh (BOM), Needled type to get smooth surface against the paper provided with suitable seam for easy installation.