Spiral dryer fabric

Spiral link dryer fabrics are an endless construction comprising a plurality of helical formed loops of monofilament yarns. The joining pin yarn passes through the loops to join adjacent coils to form a mesh or screen. The monofilaments to make spiral dryer fabrics could be round or rectangular ones for different applications.

spiral fabric structure web
Spiral dryer fabrics are commonly used in the papermaking industry for transporting and drying the aqueous media there found. More broadly, spiral fabrics are used as filter media for wet, dry, hot and cold solutions and dispersions. Spiral dryer fabrics provide the best resistance to abrasion.

Spiral dryer fabrics are available in a broad air permeability range. Air permeability reductions can be achieved by inserting cross-directional yarns into the open area of the spiral. There is no weak link since spiral fabrics do not have traditional seams like woven fabrics. In addition, spiral constructions offer higher levels of wear and damage resistance and are very suitable for challenging positions. In the past, spiral designs were used extensively on brown paper applications. However, through processing and material improvements, spiral fabrics today have no applications.