Double layer BOM felt
double layer press felt structure webDouble Layer Press Felts include 1+1 composite structure and double layer of MD yarn structure. The 1+1 composite structure consists of two layer base meshes of different thickness. Both of these base meshes can be changed in construction and sizes to suit the requirements of different paper machines. Double layer felts have the features of high press resistance, good flexibility, permeability and size stability, less elongation, excellent tensile strength. The felts are also resistant to vacuum marks, blind hole marks, groove marks etc. Double layer BOM felts are used in press types such as: groove press, vacuum suction press, multi-press, large diameter nip-roll press to produce high grade printing papers, news-prints, technical papers, packaging papers, high grade paper boards etc.

Paper Grade:≥8g/m2
GSM: 950~1450g/m2
Felt GSM Tolerance:≤±4%
Air Permeability:30~110cfm
Tensile Strength:≥3000N/5cm
Elongation Percentage:≤0.6%
Width Variation:≤±2cm