Triple layer BOM felt
triple layer press felt structure webTriple layer BOM press felts include the structures of 1 +2, 2 +1 and 1 +1 +1 composite felts. The press felts can be applied to more than 200 kN/m linear pressure and possess the features of good flexibility and permeability, excellent size stability, long life performance. Triple layer press felts are used in high speed paper machines for suction complex press, large diameter nip roll press and shoe press to produce high grade news-prints, writing papers, paper-boards etc.

Paper Grade:≥40g/m2 news-prints、writing papers、high grade board papers etc.
GSM: 1450~1750g/m2
GSM Tolerance:≤±4%
Air Permeability:40~90cfm
Tensile Strength:≥4500N/5cm
Elongation Percentage:≤0.6%
Width Variation:≤±2cm